5 Reasons your Website’s not Converting


So your Facebook ads are up and running. It’s all looking good and you’re sending lots of people to your website but the sales are just not happening. WHAT’S GOING ON?

Spoiler alert. The hottest campaign in the world won’t deliver sales if your website’s not converting. Head on over to Google Analytics and see just how many visitors become paying customers. If it’s much less than 3% (for ecomm), pause your ads. It’s time to get back to basics.

Here are the 5 top reasons, websites don’t convert


1. It’s slow!

Everyone’s busy, busy, busy and if your site’s taking an age to load, they’re going to bounce straight off your site. 65% is the average bounce rate (!) and if your rate’s much higher, it’s going to massively affect conversions. Head on over to Page Speed Insights and check your speed on both desktop and mobile. If it’s very slow, get yourself a good SEO team on the case. I recommend Pickled Ginger but there are lots out there.

2. The website’s not great

I hate to say this one. It’s like saying your baby’s ugly! Get some honest feedback from someone not too close to you. Is it a bit ‘busy’? Does it look really professional? I’ve jumped straight off a site because it looks a bit ‘iffy’. If I’m going to spend my hard earned £££ with a brand I’ve not come across before, the website needs to look 100 kosher. Testimonials are good here – they give a new customer confidence. I also look for straight forward delivery and returns policies.

3. The website doesn’t look like the ad

Some call this ad scent. Your website needs to smell like the ad! You need to use the same language and style of imagery on your ads as on your website. When there’s a disconnect here, it doesn’t feel right to the visitor. Chances are, they’re going to bounce off.

4. The customer journey’s not smooth

You need a pair of fresh eyes for this one too. Get someone to go through each step to purchase. It needs to be clear. It needs to be easy. Any glitch along the way and you’ve lost a sale.

5. It’s not fully optimised for mobile

81% of people that click through from Facebook are doing so from their mobile. That’s huge! So check it on your phone and make sure it’s fully optimised for the mobile experience to maximise sales.

These are the 5 top reasons I see low conversions. In fact, I don’t manage ads for companies with low conversion rates anymore. The basics MUST be in place for an ad campaign to work, otherwise you’re not going to get results.

The good news is, it’s often an easy fix and sorting it sooner rather than later is going to produce better results not only when you run Facebook ads but with any other traffic that goes to your website. So, horse before cart and you can’t go wrong.

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