Seven reasons you should advertise on Facebook


Do you ever wonder if Facebook ads will work for your business? This is a question many of my clients ask me…. And the answer is yes, BUT only if you know what you’re doing. It’s really easy to blow a load of cash if you start without a plan. 

Here are seven great reasons to consider Facebook advertising for your business.


1. ‘EVERYONE’ is on Facebook

Well, not everyone exactly but a mind-blowing 50% of internet users globally use Facebook. It’s still the big daddy of social with a massive 55 million users in the UK alone. So the chances are, your target audience is on Facebook, just waiting for you to come and find them.


2. Organic reach has a limit

You may have noticed this yourself – the last few years have seen Facebook feeding out business posts less and less. Only 5-10% of your followers will even see your posts in their feeds. That’s a lot of posting for not much return. Without investing in ads, you won’t reach a new audience unless you have very shareable content and your followers work for you. Would you bet on that?

3. Facebook has unparalleled targeting

Think of what people discuss on Facebook, think of what they click on, businesses they like, and groups they follow. Facebook knows ALL of this and some.

It may alarm you as a user, but as a business, this is gold. You’ll be able to hone into your ideal customers by age, sex, where they live, online behaviour (are they likely to buy?), what they’re into, what they do for a living, if they have kids, when their birthdays or anniversaries are coming up. And much, much more – there are too many options to list, but you get the gist.


4. Facebook Ads are one of the cheapest forms of online advertising

Digital marketing has changed the landscape of advertising forever, and it’s a much more democratic space. It’s far more accessible for small businesses than many other forms of advertising, and it’s used successfully by small and huge businesses alike. If you want to dip your toe in the water, you can do so easily for just £5 a day, and others spend even less!


5. You can retarget people

And it’s easy! With a wealth of data at your fingertips in Facebook Ads Manager, you can retarget those who visited your website or, even better, those who got as far as Add to Cart but didn’t purchase. Hit these hot audiences with an offer that’s hard to refuse and chances are you’ve got a shiny new customer.


6. You can measure success

Unlike traditional forms of advertising like TV ads or billboards, you can know how many people have clicked on your ad, gone to your website, liked your page, bought your products*. There’s nothing I like more than digging through data and working out what’s working and what’s not and improving campaigns as much as I can. The Ads Manager will show you a whole mine of data. And knowledge is power, right?

*Note: As of May 2021, you may not get data from users who have opted out of tracking .Thanks (no thanks!) to recent IOS updates.

7. Facebook delivers the highest return of any social media platform for B2C

Most industries can get costs per click under £1 and, if you have a great product or service and a website that converts, you’re well on your way to a decent return. Woohoo!


So that’s it. 7 great reasons to chew over if you’re thinking that Facebook Ads might be the way to go for your business. Facebook’s not a quick win but, if you have some budget, the know-how and a little patience (it’s not a quick win), it can be game-changing.


REMEMBER, Facebook is a business. You’re going to need to invest in it to get returns.
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