Are you ready to scale with Facebook Advertising?

If you’re serious about growing your business, online is where it’s at but it can be confusing if you’re not experienced. That’s where I step in.

I’m Geraldine – a Facebook Ads Specialist. Trained by some of the best in the business, I can help you grow your audience, increase your sales or generate leads via Facebook and Instagram advertising. 

Why Facebook?

Everyone’s an online shopper now! With around 1.7 billion users worldwide and a whopping 66% of the UK’s population, trust me, your customers are on Facebook and Facebook holds a mine of information about their users which makes audience targeting a cinch.

The Facebook Ads Manager is set up so you can reach Instagram users too so it’s a one-stop shop to reach millions of potential customers or clients at a fraction of the cost of many other forms of advertising.

It’s all in the Testing!

Unlike other forms of advertising, if something’s not working on a Facebook ad, you can easily jump in and change your audience, copy or creative. It’s continuous testing to get the best results that makes a campaign fly when it’s in the right hands. And unlike advertising TV, magazine or radio, you can easily track the success of every ad and get excellent returns on investment.

Are you ready to go?

Maybe you’ve tried Facebook ads before and not got the results you hoped for or perhaps you’re looking into it for the first time… It’s easy to get unstuck if you dive in head first. Getting it right takes time and know-how and sometimes it’s smarter to buy the expertise in, allowing you to spend your precious time running your business. I can help you get set up to run ads and tell you the basics or I can just step in and run them for you. Easy! Check out the options below…


Running ads and need some help? I can dive into your Ads Manager and give advice with an audit and roadmap


I’ll run you through the basics to help you get a handle on facebook advertising


Save yourself a tonne of time and leave me to run your ad campaigns

UpStart Social has been running ads for my gift company, Vintage Playing Cards, and I’m really pleased with the results. As well as achieving a great ROAS, Geraldine has made great suggestions on audiences, creative and optimisation and has kept me abreast of changes that Facebook have been making. She has made the whole process really simple for me and is incredibly flexible and proactive. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any busy business owner!

Tracy Kemp

Director, Vintage Playing Cards



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